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A common problem with the Raindial irrigation controller is often times misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. This particular malady that I will describe can effect the controller’s display, or whether or not the valves are turning on. The very first time I encountered this problem, I was pressing the leads of my volt/ohm meter onto the terminal strip in the rear portion of the controller. I was trying to determine if the controller had output voltage (one of the valves was not turning on.) It seemed like every time I would press the leads of my…

Programming an irrigation controller can be very frustrating. The most important thing to do before you attempt to perform any programming is to read the owners manual.   Many of the manuals, however,  are overly complicated and confusing.

I sit down with all my customers and write down on paper what is it we want the controller to do. For instance how long to water the various zones, what time to start and what days to water. So start with a written watering schedule, often times there are three different pages. One page…

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation SystemsA properly managed and designed drip irrigation has many advantages over traditional drip irrigation methods, including: eliminating surface runoff, a more uniform distribution of water, higher water usage efficiency, gaining flexibility in fertilization, preventing the growth of weeds and plant disease. Fertigation systems also allow easy integration with Drip systems and automation.

Normally, irrigation water is applied by flooding or sprinklers to the entire field resulting in a significant loss of water. Drip system irrigation (or trickle irrigation) is a modern watering method in which water is delivered directly into the root zone of the plant.

These types…

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