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A common problem with the Raindial irrigation controller is often times misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. This particular malady that I will describe can effect the controller’s display, or whether or not the valves are turning on. The very first time I encountered this problem, I was pressing the leads of my volt/ohm meter onto the terminal strip in the rear portion of the controller. I was trying to determine if the controller had output voltage (one of the valves was not turning on.) It seemed like every time I would press the leads of my tester onto the terminal strip (place where the wires attach) the valve would turn on. As soon as I released pressure on the terminal strip the valve would turn off. I suspected something was wrong with the small four inch by four inch circuit board. Upon removing the rear circuit board, I noticed one of the solder joints was cracked. I realized then that by pressing onto the rear circuit board with my tester, I was in fact causing contact (temporary as it was) with whatever had come apart or separated.  One common symptom of this problem is intermittence of it’s occurrence. For instance some Raindial’s will have no display in the morning hours when it is cool but then later in the day perhaps after the heat of the day has caused the metal in the faulty cracked joints to have warmed and expanded the display is ok or the valve turns on. I am happy to say that the manufacturer of the Raindial has beefed up the solder joints on the newer controllers, but there is a chance we will no longer be able to purchase circuit boards to fit the older Raindial controllers.

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