Berkley Irrigation & Repair Services


Berkley Irrigation strives to design long-lasting irrigation systems through robust design and the use of superior-quality irrigation components. We provide free consultations, irrigation-system designs, and price quotes.

We use a combination of drip irrigation, bubblers, and sprinkler systems to irrigate lawns, trees, scrubs, and gardens. We also design and install “shrubbler” systems for potted plants.


Berkley Irrigation maintains and repairs both residential and commercial irrigation systems. We can repair or replace controllers, valves, and irrigation heads as well as locate and repair water leaks and electrical problems. We specialize in solving difficult and frustrating irrigation problems. Our trucks are stocked with 1,000 cubic feet of parts and supplies so that problems can be repaired at once.

All irrigation systems require periodic maintenance for optimum performance and water-conservation. We, therefore, we recommend that our customers call us periodically for irrigation-system tune-ups and programming as the seasons change.

Irrigation system failures often occur the hottest times of the year. Berkley Irrigation can generally respond to service calls the same day. We are also available early in the morning for service calls before customers leave for work.

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